Top 10 Reasons Why People Dance

Find our the reasons why people are dancing. How about you, why do you dance? Come find out yourself.

1.Exercise - Get in shape while having fun!2

2. Balance - You work hard... do something fun for yourself!

3. Expand Your Social Life - Meet new people with a common interest!

4. Gain Self-Confidence - Stand out on any dance floor!

5. Great Way to Spend Time With a Friend or Loved One - Need a hobby you both enjoy?

6. Improve Your Social Dancing Skills - Have fun at parties and social gatherings!

7. Relieve Stress - Take your mind off of everyday stresses!

8. Overcome Shyness - It's time to come out of your shell!

9. Improve Your Posture - Learn correct dance technique!

10. Improve Your Memory - Memorize many dance patterns!